Meet Our Pool [Pro] Scout!

Pool Scouts owner Tiffiny Consoli standing in front of a clear blue pool.jpg

Tiffiny Consoli, our first Pool Scouts franchisee, was selected as the cover girl and feature story in the March issue of PoolPro Magazine, a publication dedicated solely to pool professionals. In the article, Tiffiny takes us on her journey to franchise ownership. It wasn’t a clear-cut process. Initially, she didn’t even know she wanted to own a pool business, she just knew she wanted to be a business owner.

What Led To Franchising?

Tiffiny worked at REI for 17 years as a district manager. While she loved her experience there, she always dreamed of someday owning her own business. She eventually looked into franchising. “What I learned about franchising is they offer a lot of the structure and support you need to be successful quickly,” she said. “They’re going to do a lot of the hard work behind the scenes making sure you have the right technology to deliver and do a good job, good strong marketing so you can get your name out there quick and people will recognize you.”

Consoli knew about the Mosquito Joe brand and that it was owned by Buzz Franchise Brands (BFB), but there was not a franchise available in her area. She felt BFB was an established and trustworthy company, so when Pool Scouts launched their local headquarters in 2016 and started franchising, she recognized this as the great opportunity she had been looking for.  “I love to be outside; I [understand] good customer service and felt like this is something I could learn.”

Tiffiny Consoli in front of Pool Scouts van.jpg

Becoming a Pool Scouts Owner

Tiffiny’s prior experience in business and retail skills proved to be a huge help in this new business venture, although she still had a lot to learn about pools. She started out performing many of the pool services herself, and now primarily works in the office while her technicians lead the day to day in the pool cleaning services.

One of the biggest surprises that Tiffiny has faced is the different story that each pool being serviced has. “Every backyard we walk into is different; every situation is different,” Consoli says. “That was the most surprising to me. ‘Oh, it’s cleaning a few pools, you learn it and you go from there,’ but it’s more challenging and there’s a lot more that goes into it.”

Scouting Out the Future

Although Tiffiny started out with no experience when it came to pools, she has grown tremendously in the past couple of years, and is now a valuable and reliable resource to the other Pool Scouts franchisees, who can go to her with any question and use her experience to learn from. She has not only worked hard to achieve success with Pool Scouts of the Greater Triangle Area, but is an innovative thinker, always helping to improve the process and share her findings with her Pool Scouts colleagues, encouraging others to gain success as well.

We are so proud of all that Tiffiny has achieved, and know she is every bit deserving of being featured by PoolPro! We are confident that Tiffiny will continue to find success as she builds momentum with Pool Scouts, and are excited to see where the future takes her!

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