It’s Gonna Be May…’s Employee of the Month

May Employee of the Month Timothy

Timothy Holadia, director of franchise development for Buzz Franchise Brands, was awarded as May’s Employee of the Month! Buzzy has been in great hands for the month. Timothy has been with BFB since July of 2017 and has been a key contributor in the success and growth of the company and our various franchise brands.

Why Timothy is #1

As the leader of franchise development efforts for both Pool Scouts and Home Clean Heroes, Timothy stays busy helping to grow the brands. In his role, he reaches out to people potentially interested in starting their own business and fosters relationships, to help people learn more about what it means to join the BFB franchising family. This is a crucial role in bringing our company success, and Timothy has shown consistent drive and a positive attitude throughout every season we face as a company. One of his fellow coworkers said that "Timothy is the consummate professional who brings enthusiasm to work every day." 

Get to Know Timothy

Here are a few little-known facts about Timothy to help you get to know him:

  • What was your favorite toy as a kid? A stuffed dog named "doggie." Doggie was my sister's stuffed animal and I really liked it and one year when I was probably 5 or 6, my sister gave it to me for a Christmas present. I still have it today!

  • What are three things that are still left on your bucket list? I only have one thing on my list - to get people to stop using the phrase "bucket list."

  • What was the worst punishment you received at school? Well, this was not at school but at home. I do not know what I did, but my mom said when my dad got home he was going to punish me. When my dad got home he took me to my room took off his belt, handed it to me, and HE laid across the bed and asked me to spank him. I, of course, could not and after I stopped crying he asked me to sit beside him and he told me when I did things wrong it hurt him. That when we do things in life they affect others, not just ourselves. So that was the worst and best punishment I ever received.

After learning a bit more about Timothy, you can clearly see why he is Employee of the Month material. From his dedicated work ethic to his positive attitude no matter what gets thrown at him, we are lucky to get to come to work with Timothy every day. And we are confident that he will continue to drive success in all that he does.