Meet our fun police!

Yes, you read that right - but it’s not what you think. Our version of the fun police is not here to keep people from having fun, they’re here to ensure we prioritize it in our work environment, and we call them the Sanity Control Committee (SCC). This group of 4-5 employees changes annually and is made up of colleagues from across company departments.
Their official mission is:

“To create and maintain a vibrant company culture in which hard work and innovation are rewarded with recognition, celebration, and fun.”

In short, the Sanity Control Committee is responsible for making sure we uphold one of our values: Have Fun. They meet regularly with our CEO to plan monthly events inside and outside the office, which range from happy hours and birthday celebrations to trips to the Adventure Park, Top Golf and more. Check out photos from recent events below.

My absolute favorite thing about being an SCC member is mingling with everyone at the events. It’s so easy to get stuck in your normal day to day work life that interacting with those not on your brand or team can sometimes be just a passing ‘Hi.’ The events are a great way to bring EVERYONE together to blow off some steam and just enjoy each other.
— Kathy Turley, 2019 SCC Member
Sanity Control Committee Black and White logo with Red Stars