Our Franchising Heroes

Brian Garrison holding Mosquito Joe sprayer.jpeg

We are proud to have such a strong group of military veterans serving in our franchise community. Mosquito Joe, our mosquito control franchise, has about 15-20% of its franchisees who are military veterans.

Veterans in Franchising 

Mosquito Joe, a franchising company with headquarters based in the military-heavy Hampton Roads area, supports our veterans, including members of our corporate team and franchisees. To show our appreciation, we offer a $2,500 discount off of the franchise fee for franchise buyers who are veterans.

Chief Operating Officer of Buzz Franchise Brands Brian Garrison, who served in the United States Navy for 22 years, believes that vets are attracted to the brand’s culture. “We feel vets bring the right set of experiences and work ethic to our business,” Garrison says. “Veterans coming through the pipeline look at the other vets in our system, and it resonates with them. Our team has close to 100 years of franchise support experience. We can look veterans in the eye and say, ‘We understand that you don’t have any experience in the private sector. But we can be a backstop for you as you make the transition.’” Brian was the command of an F18 squadron, and while we are thankful to have him as part of the Buzz Franchise Brands family, we are also incredibly grateful for the service he and our veteran franchisees have given to our country.

From Battlefield to Business

The veteran-friendly culture resonated with Mosquito Joe of Northern Prince William County franchise owner Dennis Corrigan from the beginning. Dennis grew up in a military family and served for 24 years as a US Naval aviator. After that, he dedicated the next 17 years to designing training materials for pilots and air crews of the Navy. More recently, he signed up with Mosquito Joe. “I found that because of their focus on the military and because we have the same values, it made it much nicer to interact with them,” he says. “I was able to build relationships with corporate almost immediately based on our common work ethic.”

Since then, Dennis’s business is in full swing. He has paid it forward by hiring primarily veterans and firemen on his team. “I have found that folks from the military have a different commitment to the job,” he says. “They understand a lot about customer service, although they may not know they’re doing it. They are really good at completing a job to the best of their ability and on time.”

We are proud to have such a strong and dedicated group of people in our Mosquito Joe family, not only for the incredible work that they provide, but for the years of service and sacrifice that they’ve put in for this amazing country. Read more about companies around the country that are dedicated to hiring veterans.