5 Reasons Mobile Franchises Are on the Rise

Mosquito Joe Van in front of House

When you think about some of your favorite businesses, what comes to mind? For many, probably some sort of brick and mortar building that sells a product or service, and the great experience they offer in-store. Historically, this has been the case. However, we’re seeing the rising trend of companies losing their walls and taking care of business via their vehicles.

Mobile franchises are all the buzz right now, and Entrepreneur has taken notice. Mosquito Joe was featured in Entrepreneur for their mobile franchising business model. Here are just a few of many reasons why mobile franchises are a thriving industry. 

1.     Mobile businesses are downright affordable. Without the cost of purchasing an actual building, this franchise startup fee is much more affordable than your typical franchise. At Mosquito Joe, franchisees operate heavily out of their branded vans, which also act as mobile billboards. While it’s a smart approach to have this advertising with you wherever you go, the branded service van comes with great responsibility. Mosquito Joe franchisee Brad Simon explained, “The image of our company is what people see in those vans. When I’m driving one, I’m constantly aware- to the point of paranoia- that I’m going to do something wrong or cut someone off!”

2.     You can schedule your routes and streamline efficiencies. Owning a brick and mortar business, it’s difficult to know when you’ll have a nonstop stream of customers, or when you’ll have down time with too many employees hanging around with nothing to do. With the mobile franchise model, you can make sure to efficiently map out your day and your routine to be the most time and cost-effective.

3.     Do something different each day. With many companies, it’s easy to get trapped in a mundane, 9 to 5 desk job pushing papers. With the Mosquito Joe franchise, you see different things each day. Frequently, franchisees early on in their business ownership will have to wear many hats, from office manager, to content creator, to getting out in the field and performing the actual service!

4.     Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Anyone can start up a company based out of a van. To really succeed though, you must have a great business model. Coming up with this business model from scratch can be intimidating and overwhelming on top of everything else needed when starting a business. Joining a franchise family like Mosquito Joe, you can still be your own boss, but hit the ground running with great resources and support ready to go from the start.

5.     Flexibility. The luxury of being able to adjust routing and work around cancelled customers from the road is one of the best parts of mobile franchising. Each van includes a tablet that syncs directly with the company’s CRM system to optimize routes and update appointments. CEO Kevin Wilson said, “It’s really pretty slick. Those apps cut down on the wear and tear on our trucks and save us gas. And it really makes our techs more productive.”

With so many great attributes, it’s no wonder that mobile franchises are on the rise. This business model has been beneficial for the rapid growth of Mosquito Joe franchisees across the country, and we look forward to continuing that expansion this year. For more information on the Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity, visit mosquitojoefranchise.com.