New Year, New Employee of the Month

January Employee of the Month, Tanner Rench

Choosing an Employee of the Month is serious business, and something that we don’t take lightly. Employees are nominated by their fellow coworkers and our CEO takes into account those nominations while carefully choosing each Employee of the Month. The Employee of the Month must exhibit the core values of Buzz Franchise Brands: lead with integrity, be curious and innovate, have fun, empower and serve, and act with purpose. Tanner exemplifies all of these values and was voted by his peers as January’s Employee of the Month.

Tanner Rench Holding Employee of the Month Trophy

Get to Know Tanner

Employee of the Month Tanner Rench is known as our “veteran employee.” Not only has he been an instrumental member of the BFB family for the past few years, but he proudly served in the army for 16+ years as a front-line mechanic.  Due to Tanner’s vast knowledge and experience across a wide variety of topics - anything from mechanical expertise to problem-solving for pool and home cleaning issues that arise, he has become known as our “go-to guy” across all of the brands. He is more formally known as our Pool Scouts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk lead technician. Whether it’s fixing a pool pump or answering difficult questions from customers, our go-to guy can help with anything.  If no one knows the answer, ask Tanner.

Why He Rocks

Tanner is best known for his amazing customer service skills. Whether helping a customer on the phone with a question, or performing a pool cleaning service at a customer’s house, Tanner treats everyone with equal kindness and respect. He has earned a reputation as the guy that treats customers like his parents. "As a technician, we are the face of the company. The way I provide best in class service, I try to treat every pool as if it’s my parents’ pool. If customers are paying for a service, they should get the best service possible."  

Plus, did we mention he can solve any issue? Another attribute that makes Tanner Employee of the Month-worthy is his enjoyment of new challenges and solving problems by providing services that make life easier and more enjoyable for others. Way to live out our core values of empowering and serving, and acting with purpose Tanner!

Q&A Time with Tanner

We asked Tanner a few, fun personal questions! Read on for some fun facts about our favorite “go-to guy.”

  •  At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? Why? 
    Bob's Gun Shop. To finish out my collection.

  •  What was your favorite TV show when growing up? Why?
    My favorite show was Top Gear - BBC. I've always been into cars and the presenters on this show have the best job in the world getting to drive brand new exotic cars each week.

  • What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?
    I like to watch History Channel documentaries. I have seen every episode of Modern Marvels.

 As you can tell, even when Tanner’s not helping others on the clock, he’s always challenging himself and learning new things. This curiosity and hunger for learning has added so much to Buzz Franchise Brands over the years. We appreciate you Tanner; thanks for everything you do across all of our brands every day!