Who Run the World? March’s Employee of the Month

Employee of the month Anna posing with Buzzy

This month we’re honoring our Front Desk Receptionist, Office Administrative Assistant and all-around Rockstar, Anna Grushinski. Anna started at Buzz Franchise Brands last April and quickly made her mark among the rest of us. She’s the perfect example of an engaged, thoughtful, easy-to-work with Buzz Franchise Brands team member, and we’re so thrilled that she won Employee of the Month this March.

Anna standing in front of Buzz Franchise Brands office with Buzzy

Meet Anna

Anna came to us after spending ten years traveling around the world as a student while also running training programs for a non-profit. In addition, she has a combined six years of experience as an Executive Assistant to a Vice President of Technology and an Office Manager at a small, local technology firm. To say she’s qualified is an understatement and we’ve honestly only benefited from her well-rounded, administrative, event planning, office-mom skillset. Need a snack? Ask Anna. Got locked out? Ask Anna. Don’t have internet? Call Anna. Is your conference room double-booked? You bet Anna will kick them out for you. Is it your birthday? No worries, Anna’s already bought you a card and had everyone sign it.

Why Anna’s In Charge

From setting up for happy hours and and publishing our company newsletter, to cleaning out the fridge, stocking our kitchen with snacks and politely but sternly reminding us that we’re not supposed to use space heaters (Sorry for blowing that fuse, Anna!), she leads with integrity in one of the toughest roles at Buzz Franchise Brands. And she does it with a smile. One of her fellow coworkers said, “Anna has taken on her role with amazing gusto! She has had big shoes to fill and she has filled them! She's always checking to see if everything is handled with a smile. She takes everyone's thoughts and wants into consideration. She's constantly serving behind the scene, but everyone benefits from her hard work.”

Q&A with Anna

We asked Anna a few, fun questions! Read on and get to know our main girl a bit better.

  •  At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? Why?
    Without a doubt Target. I could redo my house, change out my wardrobe, purchase everything I would need for a makeover and a dinner party all in one store!

  •  What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator? Pitted Amarena Cherries. They are at least a year, maybe two old. They are too strong to be good.

  •  What, if anything, have you ever re-gifted? When I bought my house I received a nautical themed gift basket from my realtor. Since it wasn't my style I passed it onto my very grateful mother!

As you can see, Anna is our go-to girl. She makes sure we have what we need to have fun, but she also runs a tight ship, and we love her for all of it. We don’t know where we’d be without her. Thank you for everything you do on the daily, Anna. You truly are a Rockstar!